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Less is More

Our core philosophy is simple: Less is More. We combined our love for tech, sustainability, and passion for skincare to bring you thoughtful result-driven skincare tools that revolutionize your beauty routine.

Focus on Safe Tech

We’re a beauty-tech brand that puts science first. In every step of our process, from research to production, we rely on real data and real science to deliver real results. So, say goodbye to your antiquated exfoliating scrubs and say hello to sustainable beauty, augmented by the latest and safest design. 


Our founder, Christie is an avid skincare consumer and beauty enthusiast. Yet despite splurging on high-end products and regular facial treatments like laser and chemical peels, she suffered from stubborn milia that just wouldn’t go away. 

So, she set out to find a long-lasting solution that would actually work and wouldn’t require constant trips to the doctor’s office. Armed with a rich corporate background in the tech industry, Christie knew that the latest skincare technology could provide a sustainable answer to her skin problems.


Thus, The One was born. Our cutting-edge beauty tool that combines thermo and phototherapy with micro-vibrations to provide holistic and gentle daily exfoliation. 

She hasn’t looked back since. We promise you won't either.

Join us on the journey to better skin. 

What Customers have to Say

The milia around my eyes left for good! Other brands only go up to 7,000 vibrations. This goes up to 12,000.

Anna L.

A must-have! my unity facial device is my favorite thing in my skincare regimen! It effectively gets the dirt and oil off my face.

Mae A.

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