Maskne: How to Minimize Breakouts

What is Maskne? 

You've probably heard of this term by now. Your skin is more prone to acne when sweat, oil and bacteria are trapped under your mask. As you are breathing in and out of that N95, you are cultivating a perfect environment for acne to grow. 

What can you do about it? 

Well, you definitely still have to wear a mask. The good news is, there are ways to minimize breakouts.

🌿    Let your skin breathe

Your skin is already trapped under a mask all day long. Imagine having layers of makeup AND the mask? That just screams for trouble. If you've been seeing the tiktok trend, some only apply makeup on the upper half of the face. You may want to give that a try.

🌿    Make sure that your mask is clean

If you are using disposable masks, try to replace them regularly or air them out between use. If you are using reusable cloth masks, get a silk mask and make sure you wash and dry them after each use. 

🌿    Cleansing cleansing cleansing!

Once you remove your mask, do yourself a favor and wash your face. Now dirts and oils get buried into your skin and it is difficult for you to get these out with your bare hands. We recommend pairing our unity device with your favorite cleanser. Our food grade silicone bristles are anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and effective in breaking down dirts. The device operates up to 12,000 vibrations per minute. Just how can you get that effect with your bare hands? 

🌿    Moisturizing is more important than ever

Your face will feel dryer as you increase the frequency of face washes. It is very important for you to repair your weakened skin barrier. This is when you should add ceramides and hyaluronic acids in your routine. To ensure that essences reach the deeper layers of your skin, we recommend using our unity device's alloy surface. 

Red mode for Thermo Therapy & EMS: 

The heat intensifies absorption while electro muscular stimulation stimulates your facial muscles and promotes circulation. 

Purple mode for phototherapy: 

This mode combines red and blue lights.

Blue light reduces the activity of sebaceous glands and inhibits acne-causing bacteria. Hey hey isn't this exactly what we came to this post for? 

Red light stimulates collagen which helps with fine lines and reduces inflammation. Another plus! 

🌿    Remember to apply SPF

You should always apply sunscreen before you go out. That is a given for any skincare routine.

🌿    Finally make sure you're healthy! 

Your glow should come from within. Eating clean, sleeping regular hours and exercising all contribute to a healthier you. It's not so complicated after all. Health breeds confidence and confidence lets you show off your best side. 


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