MarketWatch: Debuting Adelia Elle's 'The One', a 3 Minute Routine to Rid Maskne

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New multifunction beauty-tech device offers 3-minute at-home facial.


Beauty-tech brand Adelia Elle recently announced the official launch of their brand new product, ‘The One’. This innovative multifunction skin cleansing accessory makes it possible to complete an at home facial in as little as 3 minutes, thanks to its high-tech design.

‘The One’ can be used for makeup removal, deep pore cleansing, thermo and phototherapy. It comes with 3 speed settings, with the highest offering 12,000 vibrations per minute for deep cleansing. Its red mode is designed for essence absorption and leverages thermo therapy and EMS (electro muscular stimulation) that open the pores and stimulate blood circulation. The phototherapy purple mode combines blue and red LED to reduce sebaceous gland activity, inhibit acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin. While the improvements take time, research like Medical News Today has shown the effectiveness of LED lights on skin.

Adelia Elle is focused on a “less is more” philosophy. “We combined our love for tech sustainability, and passion for skincare to bring you thoughtful and result-driven skincare tools that revolutionize your skincare routine,” said the team at Adelia Elle.

The company’s founder, who has a background in tech, believes great skin should be achievable at home.

Each and every item from Adelia Elle is uniquely designed to make for a more efficient beauty routine. At the same time, sustainability is placed at the core of Adelia Elle. For instance, with ‘The One’ , phototherapy and micro-vibrations provide a holistic and gentle facial experience. Other sustainable items in their lineup include premium bamboo pads, and microfiber pads.

“Don’t get the Luna Mini 2, it’s expensive for what it is – I got the exact same type of device from a brand named Adelia Elle. Their device combines the Foreo Luna with their new UFO device and it’s cheaper than the Luna but the same exact quality (I have both). 10/10 I would recommend it,” said a recent customer.

Some customers have seen obvious results within 3 weeks of use. Results are shown here!

Customers are raving about Adelia Elle products because they are seeing results in as little as 3 weeks. More information can be found at

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Adelia Elle is a beauty-tech brand that puts science first to help people spend less time on their skincare routine, less money on makeup, and generate less waste for the environment.

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