Less is More
Your skin routine has never been easier
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The One

Your skin deserves better.

Device Highlights

Silicone Bristles

» Antibacterial material; does not require replacement

» 3 speed settings to cater to your skin’s needs

» Up to 12,000 vibrations per minute to break down the toughest of dirts and oils in your pores

Alloy Surface

» Metal ring attachment for makeup removal cotton pad

» Electro-muscular stimulation for blood circulation

» Mild heat to open pores for deeper absorption

» Phototherapy to target dull skin, psoriasis & signs of aging

The One

Makeup Removal Pads

Do your part for the environment

Adelia focuses on "Less is More". Our products are designed so that you spend less time on your skincare routine, less money on makeup, and generate less waste for the environment.

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